Tire Installation Tips

DO NOT use sharp tools to dismount or mount the tire

Tire spoons are best if you do not have access to a tire changer. Be careful and do not rip or tear the tire beads when prying the tire on or the tire can be ruined. Tubeless tires seal on the beads so if you tear the bead the tire will leak or air will enter the tire casing and cause a knot to appear on the sidewall.

Use lube to ease installation

Lubing the tire beads will make it much easier to mount. Tire lube is best, if not available use liquid dish soap like Dawn right out of the bottle undiluted. DO NOT use oil, grease, or anything containing petroleum as petroleum products will rot rubber, it swells rubber and turns it to mush.

Make sure the wheel is clean

If mounting the tire tubeless it is critical the wheel be clean and free of rust and dirt especially on the bead areas of the wheel or the tire will not seal. If your wheel is rusty clean it with a wire brush or cup brush mounted on an angle grinder. If the wheel is pitted you may need to use bead sealer on the tire beads to fill the pits and get it to seal up. A clean wheel also insures the tire beads will fully seat or pop out on the wheel, rust can keep the tire from popping out fully. 

Dismount and mount the tire from the proper side

Most wheels are made so that the tire can only be dismounted and mounted from one side. The tire always comes off the side of the wheel closest to the drop center regardless of what side the stem is located on. When prying the tire off the wheel the bead straight across from where you are prying must go down in the drop of the wheel to allow the tire to come off. Make sure the bead area going down in the drop does not bind up or hang on the valve stem or tube stem. When prying the tire bead the stem area is first to come off and last to go on.  Do not use excessive force or you can tear the bead.

Last step check the valve core

After mounting and inflating the tire to the proper pressure you always check the valve core before putting the cap on. Put a dab of water or spit on the end of the stem and look for bubbles. If it leaks trying tapping the core plunger to clear it as sometimes dirt or talc from the tube gets under the core seat holding it open. If it doesn't stop leaking change it out with another core.