9" rim diameter

9" rim diameter

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22X11-8/9 Air-Loc Bias ATV Tire Inner Tube

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Tube will be identified with: 22/11X8-9 Fits Sizes: 20x10-8, 20x10-9, 20x11-8, 20x11-9, 21x10-8, 21x10-9, 21x11-8, 21x11-9, 21x12-8, 21x12-9, 22x9-8, 22x10-8, 22x10-9, 22.5x10-8, 22x11-8, 22x11-9, 22x12-8, 22x12-9, 23x10-8, 23x10-9 MPN: TU00853

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